Steps to Making The Perfect Wedding Photo Album

Steps to Making The Perfect Wedding Photo Album

An album is a collection of photographs surrounding an event or a topic.

Wedding album is a concept that needs no introduction its unlikely you know of a married couple who does not have one. It is a concept that has remained from generation after generation.

Planning to create that photo album that will last a lifetime?

Follow our plan and we promise you'll have a picture perfect book that tells a wonderful story of your special day.


Step 1: Make some research

Protect slips, photo mounts or even catalogue prints are just a few of the types of albums that exist. So before you decide on the type of photo album for your wedding, make sure that you carry out extensive research and consult wide with photographers so you can make a great pick.

When researching, take note of what you do and don’t like about each album style. Giving your photographer an idea of what you want in the finished version to will give an operation path for him to follow.


Step 2: Shout out to the old school

Nowadays, it is cool to take candid pictures when you are in motion or off focus or just generally not preparing for the camera. However, be sure to take the classic shots like the bride and groom picture, the toss of the bouquet picture and the bridal is pictures like these you will appreciate even more despite its lack of creativity and all.


 Step 3: The studio

Do you want the photo colored or in black and white? What type of detail shots do you want? Wedding gown embroidery or wedding rings? Be sure to look through your photographer's work to pick the photos you want and in what format or exposure or colour you want it .Also take advantage of other stock footages so you can communicate your vision to your photographer.


 Step 4: En-vision

So before you start selecting the photos you want for your album, perhaps you should en-vision how they'll look as a finished product. Contrasting tight shots of specific details with pulled-back views of a room can be a visually interesting way to represent the scope of your wedding.

To make this easy, communicate your idea with your photographer ahead of time so you can both be on the same page


Step 5: Dealing with the left-overs

Instead of tossing them in your glove compartment, you can make some use out of  the excess photos that didn’t make it into the album. You create an alternate album for passing out to family.

Make sure you understand album and extras pricing up front. Sometimes, albums aren't included in the final photography package price, so be sure to budget accordingly.


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