Questions to ask your photographer before you hire

Questions to ask your photographer before you hire

Wedding Photographs are important ! They create beautiful and lasting memories. It is key that you get the right man for the job.

Once you've narrowed down your list to two or three potential photographers, arrange to  meet with each in person to see if you feel comfortable around them. We can't stress enough how important this is—almost as crucial as their skills behind the camera.

How can you decide which of them is the right person? Ask these questions:

1.What is your strength?

Most Photographers practice different styles of photography. You however want to make sure they work with the style you like. Also make sure it is a style the photographer likes as well because going with the style a photographer likes to shoot best (and has the most experience shooting) will give you the best results

2.What is your portfolio like?

How many weddings have you shot? How many do you do in a year?

This helps you to ascertain who you are hiring and his ability to perform under pressure to get that perfect shot. Hire someone who shoots weddings for a living,

3.What is included in your packages?

Check whether prints, albums and proofs, as well as extra coverage such as engagement shoots are covered. So you can know which one to take out to cut costs .

4.How long are we paying for?

Some photographers charge based on the period of time they will be present at your wedding and overtime may cost you extra. This question helps you to plan their hours

5.What is the deposit and total fee?

Simple question that helps you know if this is the photographer for your pocket. You'll also want to ask when payment is due.

6.Will you be my actual photographer?

Don't assume TY Bello will be taking your photos.That doesn't mean TY’s partner Mr.X is subpar, but you'll want to meet with him and  more importantly see his work in order to make an informed decision.

7.What is your backup plan if you are not available?

The last thing you will want to happen during your wedding is for your wedding photographer not to show up. Especially if you're going with a solo shooter, ask if they have colleagues on call in case of an emergency.  

8.When do we get the photos?

Once the wedding is over you experience a sense of excitement and anxiety at the same time as you will want to see your pictures and want to know if they were any good. So this question helps you to know when you get your photos in advance and helps you manage your expectations.

9.Have you ever shot at my venue before?

Your shooter should be aware of any lighting needs or issues specific to the space. If they haven't ever worked in your venue, they should be willing to check it out beforehand.


10.How will you be dressed?

Discussing their wedding day wardrobe will allow your photographer to plan to match the style of your wedding. Most will be happy to blend into the scenery


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