Planning a Destination Wedding Your Guests Will Lo

Planning a Destination Wedding Your Guests Will Lo

Want to plan a destination wedding your guests will totally love? Read the following tips.

Your wedding guests will be sacrificing their time, energy and resources just to grace your event and share your special day with you.

The tips below will guide you in planning a destination wedding your guests will love.

1.      Notify earlier

Your invited guests need a lot of planning to attend your destination wedding than they would for a local ceremony. They may need to take days off from work, save for the airfare, book tickets as well as reserving hotels for the wedding.

It is very essential that they get an earlier notice so that they can know whether to accept your invitation or not. If they would, proper planning can be made for your destination wedding.

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2.      Provide transportation for the guests

Provide comfort for the wedding guests by providing for their transportation. Hire a limo to pick up the guests and shuttle them to the resort. They would be able to ask questions about the new environment and see the way that leads to their hotel.

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3.      Provide travel tips

Ensure you give them a detailed knowledge of the area. Let them know about the best restaurants, bars, historic sites and restaurants in the local. They should also know the most convenient way to transport around the city.

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4.      Choose hotels with  a lot of amenities

Ensure your guests are comfortable by choosing rooms that don’t require the guests leaving the hotel. It should have amenities for them to relax, eat and perform various activities.

5.      Present them with a welcome bag

This is a great way to thank your guests and appreciate them for travelling over to grace your event. Surprise them with a handful of nice snacks, bottled water, a map and printout copies of your wedding itinery. Don’t forget to provide for the kids. Milk, cookies and chocolate bars will be appreciated.

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